Friday, 27 April 2012

Tips Makan & Minum MOMENTO

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Assalamualaikum & hola

Ape kabar semua kwn2 Ana hari ni? Sempena hari Jumaat yg bertarikh 27 April ini, Ana tergerak hati untuk share tips yg bagi Ana sangat berguna utk panduan kite sesame, InsyaALLah. Sumber tips ini adalah daripada Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah, bkn 'Dr Fadzilah Come To Me' yg mcm Johan cite kt bawah ni ye kwn2...>_<

Cane nak Makan & Minum ?

Buah-buahanBile agaknya kwn2 Ana ni mkn buah? Sape tahu masa yg betul nk mkn buah yg betul bile? The answer is....Doom..doom..Doom..(suspen tak?) Kite diharuskan mkn buah before breakfast, lunch & dinner. In the other word, mkn buah di stiap permulaan meal. Bukan mkn fries, bkn minum air, bkn mkn cokelat (eh?de org wat ke?hehe), tp mkn pe kwn2?BUAH! Yeee,pndainye.. Nah, sePOSEN!>_< Sebab pe, korg tanye? Sbbnye, ikut Sunnah, dpt pahala InsyaALLah & berkhasiat utk badan! Abes, mkn buah lepas mkn nasi 2 pinggan, tak berkhasiat ke? Let me tell you, it is not! You know? Menurut pakar pemakanan, vitamin C yg korg harap2kan masuk dlm badan tu, mcm x terserap pn dlm badan. It is approaching 0%. What a waste, aite? So, silelah tukar rutin mkn buah uolls klau selama ni salah..>_< 

Sexy nyer!! Merah gitu~

Air - Cane korg minum air slame ni? Makan,minum..makan lg..minum blk, camtu ke? Kang klau makanan tu pedas tak hengat pula, tengah makan2 lawan pedas smpi berair2 biji mata, stop jap. Then teguk air satu jug!Sile mengaku cpt klau pnah wat mane2 satu contoh kt ats ni~hehe..(ceehh..ckp org!diri sndiri wat,x ngaku plak!=p). Oklh, cara yg betul ikut Dr., xley minum time tengah mkn, not healthy mat saleh ckp. Dah tu, bile baru ley minum air? Minum lepas 15-30 minit mkn (ley elak perut buncit jg tau, girls!). Nak minum pn, de caranye tau. Ok, utk teguk air yg pertama, biarkan air dalam mulut lbey kurang 10 saat,then baru telan. Sebabnye? Ha.. Dlm air liur uolls tu, de enzyme yg boleh membunuh kuman dlm pankreas & perut. So, air tegukan pertama tu, mcm public transport ler yg menolong membawa enzyme ni td tros ke dlm perut. Ble kuman2 sume da 'kiok' a.k.a mati, barulah perut kite selesa & ley trime tegukan seterusnye..Ha, sonang jo. Takyah boli yakult..hehe.

Awk nmpk sgt kacaklh! Crystal clear~

Dinner - Aduh, bab ni yg den teraso ni!haha.. Slalu sesuke ati je nk mkn dinner bile2. Da masuk time supper da pun kadang2. Rupe2nye, elok mkn dinner sebelum Maghrib. Ikut sunnah Rasulullah  s.a.w. kecuali dlm bln Ramadhan, mkn waktu Maghrib. Sebabnya? Elok sgt2 utk minda & otak students & kanak2 khususnya. Otak hanya akn berfungsi dgn excellent after 2 hours you had your meal. Example, if mkn kul 8.30pm, ley start study at 10.30pm (2 hours after eating). Paling lame pun bertahan,sampai kul 12 am. Sbb after that, kne tido da (utk dpt'n waktu tido yg berkualiti). Cube compare klau mkn kul 6.30pm (Chinese made this time as their dinner routine), ley start study at 8.30pm. Kan ke lg byk mase ley diperuntukkan utk study? Bijak bukan? As easy as that to manage your time wisely!>_<

Alahai~ Nak join dinner, boleh?
Ini sahaja tips untuk hari ini. Jangan bace je, try absorb & seterusnya amalkan. Why not try something that is good for ourselves plus following the sunnah, insyaALLAH dpt pahala. Share & spread these tips for all of us to take benefits from it. Thank you.

Till then, good luck!

Tata & adios~

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Venice ep1 MOMENTO

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Assalamualaikum & hola.

Last Easter, I went to several places in order to escape from my chaotic life with tons of works in Glasgow. It was totally a  perfect getaway for me! So, I would love to share my precious moments in one of the places with uolls.



By just hearing the name made me excited enough to explore the romantic island city that everyone was talking about. Before I went to Venice, I made some research. It stated that, the best time to visit Venice are March to early June and mid-September to the end of October, when the weather is generally fine but not too hot. Besides the weather, it will also be better to pick those time because it tends to be less crowded too!Phewww...Such a relieved  statement.>_< Don't you think? 
Therefore, early-April was totally perfect for me to hit the road to Venice!!

As I am eager to share a lot of things with uolls while I was in Venice, I will divide it into several entries, well, more like  episodes I imagine (totally dramatic huh?)>_-. I think, it will be better that way, other than me throwing in all my pictures (which were thousands,FYI!) into one entry!haha..

Ok people, let's get the show on the road~!!!

Gondolae is one of the famous attraction in Venice. It was decorated with a pleasant and romantic decorations that makes your heart melted when riding on it.No wonder there were so many men out there took the chance to propose in this perfect spot to their ladies. Auww..That's so sweet~ BUT!!! On top of that, I would like to share the price range with uolls. Guess what? It cost you almost 100 Euro to ride in it for just 20 minutes! What? OMG..Such a crazy price for me. So, I just skipped this wonderful riding experiences as I could not afford to do so.-_-'

There were canals, bridges and boats everywhere in Venice. The unique thing about Venice is that the main transport here is boat. Can you imagine how cool is that? So, the people here will not suffer from the noise pollution that caused by cars or motorcycle! I kept falling for this place.....<3

Finally, I'll be finishing this entry by serving your eyes with several wonderful pictures from my albums. Venice is really a nice place to visit and every second will be very meaningful when you are there. Trust me!

Till then..See you in the next episode..>_<

Hope you'll love my MOMENTO in Venice.

Thank you & adios~

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pesto Cream MOMENTO

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Assalamualaikum & hola..

Today, I would love to share my recipe with you. >_<

Pesto Cream Pasta

Look tempting to you?Why not try it yourself?~

Ingredients :

Hair Pasta
Garlics, Gingers & Chicken slices

Cream cheese

Single fresh cream

Cheese (I bought this cheese in Amsterdam) . You can use any cheese.
Parmesan Cheese is highly recommended.


Plain flour

Chicken Stock

Methods :

1. Cook pasta according to the packaging direction in a lightly salted water

2. Do not overcook! Cook for approximately 8 minutes
3. Drain pasta, then return to the cooking pot
4. Heat olive oil in the saucepan

5. Cook the garlic and ginger for a while. Again, do not overcook!

6. Put in the plain floor and stir slowly until it well mixed

7. Add the chicken slices and wait until it becomes well cooked

8. Put in the chicken stock

9. Put in the cream cheese

10. Put in the single cream

11. Stir until it becomes smooth

12. Put in the grated cheese

13. Add in the mushroom

14. Put in the salt

15. Put in the black pepper

16. Mix the drain pasta with the sauce

17. Add a little bit of pasta's water to smoother the sauce

Now, you are done! Good luck and please share the result of your trial using this recipe with me in the comments form below.

Hope you'll love it.

Thank you and adios~


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